APIR  OMF 0024AU (Ordinary) & OMF 0025AU (Wholesale) 

The PE Capital Yield Fund ARSN 613 288 967 ('The Y Fund') is an active fixed income and property development fund which blends a high weighting to domestic cash and fixed interested with a smaller allocation commercial and retail property development funding.

 The Investment Manager’s investment approach for the Fund is to focus on investing a minimum of 80% in liquid assets, with a limited allocation of up to 20% invested indirectly into property development investments. The Investment Manager believes this approach will facilitate its dual aims of providing twice yearly distributions to Investors and under normal circumstances affording flexibility to Investors to withdraw from the Fund.

The Fund will only invest (whether directly or indirectly) in Government securities, corporate debt, notes and securities and hybrid securities which are rated as investment grade, which means their credit rating is BBB- or higher by Standard & Poor’s or Baa3 or higher by Moody’s.

In addition, the Fund may invest indirectly into property development opportunities whereby an allocation of the Fund’s assets (up to a maximum of 20%) will be invested in the Wholesale Fund, which is managed by PE Capital.

The blended return of the asset classes is designed to provide for investors a desirable yield, but with capital security and high levels of liquidity.   



Aims to achieve investment returns of 3% plus p.a.* above (after fees) the Bank Bill Swap Rate on a six monthly basis.
Ideally invest for > 24 months for consistent returns.

Low Entry for retail investors.
$20,000 minimum amount.
Wholesale rates also apply (see PDS for details)


Rated AA- by PIR,
80% of the portfolio is invested into cash and fixed term investments

*Your investment and earnings are not guaranteed. The fund invests in variable-rate investments so returns will fluctuate and the value of your investment may vary.


  • PE Capital combines a mix of assets in the form of cash and fixed interest investments with our property development fund (P1 Fund).
  • The P1 Fund component which predominantly invests in commercial property projects managed and developed by PE Capital is slightly riskier and therefore demands a higher return for investors.
  • A minimum of 80% of the Y Fund is invested into high performing cash and fixed interest investments, with the remaining invested into the P Fund (up to 20%) component. It is expected that this will produce a compelling blended yield, that combines the liquidity and security of cash, with the higher return potential from exposure to property development projects.
  • The portfolio manager will set triggers and parameters in place to ensure that the mix between security and return is optimised for investors.


As with all investments, higher returns carry more risk. These risks are outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

PE Capital seeks to mitigate these risks through:

• Funds invested in an independent trust structure across multiple asset classes, projects, and best in market products.

• An extensive internal due diligence process that specifically selects high value commercial property projects in growth corridors where infrastructure is required.

• Commitments from blue chip tenants who are looking to increase their footprint and who commit for 10 to 15 year terms.

• A transparent operating model where the client is kept well informed and understands the process from start to finish.

• Having access to an experienced management team that has been successfully operating for over 28 years.

The Investment Manager aims to achieve investment returns of 3% plus p.a. above (after fees) the Bank Bill Swap Rate on a six monthly basis. The Fund will not borrow.

The investment manager’s approach to investment management is highly strategic and process driven. PE Capital undertakes a comprehensive and thorough multi-step project assessment process and as such any prospective project is assessed from a range of perspectives to ensure it meets strict selection and viability criteria.