the SIV programme

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) programme was introduced by the Australian Federal Government in November 2012 as a way for high net worth individuals to migrate to Australia.  The legislation enables high net worth investors to apply for a permanent residency in Australia by investing AUD 5 million into investments that meet the SIV guidelines, with successful applicants granted a number of concessions. The AUD 5 million needs to be invested into complying investments, as listed below, for a minimum of 4 years.

SIV Complying Investments

PE Capital plans to offer a range of compliant investment solutions for all of the 3 categories.

6 key STages in the siv process

It is important to note that there are 6 key stages of Significant Investor Visa  process:

  1. The lodgement of an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Australian Government's SkillSelect website
  2. The application for nomination by an Australian State or Territory
  3. An invitation received from the Australian Government
  4. Lodgement of complying investment funds into a trust account
  5. Lodgement of a "decision ready" application with the Australian Immigration Department
  6. Approval of the visa


PE Capital has put together a solution that guides applicants through the SIV process. PE Capital offers a number of SIV opportunities for investors across a range of Australian based asset classes and are able to access a range of alternative SIV approved fund managers for our clients, including investment into PE Capital funds. We offer a degree of flexibility within our SIV investment options which means we can assist clients customise their exposure to SIV funds in order to meet their individual needs. 

PE Capital's SIV solution includes:

  • A SIV Portfolio Fund that has been designed with the objective of meeting the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection's and Austrades SIV requirements as a 'managed investment fund' investing in 'emerging companies investments'.
  • A range of options that are capital secure and aim to provide investors with capital growth and income from a portfolio of sound investments
  • A team if specialists that can guide you through the application and ongoing components of the scheme
  • A well resourced management team that will continually find the right investments and options for you
  • A proven robust philosophy and process