P3 Fund Application 

As part of the application process for the P3 Fund there are 4 key steps that require completion including:

  1. Filling out and signing the application form
  2. Signing the AML and counter terrorism identification check (this involves providing a certified copy of a range of documents)
  3. Signing and dating the declaration provided
  4. If valid filling out and signing the “Qualified Accountant’s Certification”

If you have any further questions relating to these requirements please refer to Section 9 of the IM or contact us directly at info@pecapital.com.au

Before forwarding the documentation back to PE Capital at Level 7, 2 Russell Street Melbourne please ensure the pack includes the following paperwork:

☐    A signed and completed application form

☐    A cheque or payment instructions for the amount of the investment

☐    Certified copies of the required identification documents

☐    A signed and completed “Declaration” form

☐    A signed and completed “Qualified Accountant’s Certification”