We offer a range of alternate asset investment opportunities in managed funds, direct investments and portfolio capital management. Our investment focus is primarily across property and enterprise investments.

Our Fund options

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  • Competitive returns

  • Investment liquidity

  • Access to wholesale type portfolio

  • Savings plan

  • $5,000 minimum

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  • Minimum 1 year

  • High allocation to Pre- DA funding

  • Pooled and Diversified

  • Paid Monthly

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  • Compliant solution for Pre and Post July 2015

  • High allocation to Cash and Bonds

  • VCLP approved

  • Half Yearly distributions on $3,000,000 complying investment

* Your investment and earnings are not guaranteed. The fund invests in commercial property projects so returns will fluctuate and the value of your investment may vary.


Our Approach to investment

Investors are able to take comfort in PE Capitals project selection process. This process typically takes approximately 60 days and on average, only 7% of projects meet all our requirements to proceed.

Our approach to investment management is highly strategic and process driven.  PE Capital undertakes a comprehensive and thorough multi-step project assessment process and as such any prospective project is assessed from a range of perspectives to ensure it meets strict selection and viability criteria.

A host of projects are considered at any one time from various geographic and industry locations.  We proactively source projects, and opportunities are presented from within our extensive network of investment professionals.  

PEC uses technology, collective research and our established databases to give us a strong competitive market advantage.  In property projects, we make use of leading edge technology such as Gap Map™ (gap mapping technology) and contemporary research and database services.