The PE Capital Enterprise Division is focused on investing into growing businesses.  Investments are made into enterprises relating to its own property based businesses or specific venture capital opportunities.  PE Capital will make either direct investments or invest through its imminent dedicated venture capital fund.

PE Capital's impending E Fund is a late stage venture capital fund that invests into high growth businesses through a structured enterprise funding model.  Investments will either be made through a dedicated E Fund or an SIV accredited Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership, with a targeted size of up to $100 million. 

Focus industry areas for the funds include: wealth infrastructure; cleantech (and renewables); education; energy; food; IT; manufacturing; media/communications; service companies; and telecommunications.  

PE Capital has invested into two growth businesses that compliment its co-branded property strategy.  These businesses are being developed under CoBrands: 

  • Co Brands Auto (CBA) – an operational auto business including: fuel reseller; car wash operator; and on-site ice/filtered water provider.  These businesses will be operated by CBA, but potentially separately franchised into the future, with PEC Enterprise as the master franchiser.  All capital assets utilised in this business will be capitalised through the PEC Property and leased under commercial rental arrangements.
  • Co Brands Food (CBF) – an operational food business including identified brands. CoBrands Food will act as the Australian franchisee of these businesses.  Initially these businesses will be operated by CoBrands Food, but may be separately franchised sometime in the future.  Capital assets utilised in this business will be both capitalised through the PEC Property.