Black Sky - AMP SMSF research

The attached article looks at how Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s) are becoming a bigger part of the superannuation industry in Australia.


Of note the article outlines key things about the Australian market including:


  • $2.2 trillion in superannuation as at December 2016
  • $656 billion (or 29.8%) of that is in SMSFs 
  • 1.1 million Australian’s across 587 thousand funds use a SMSF to manage their superannuation

Key insights from the report include those that set up a SMSF:

  • That they do so primarily for control, to choose what to invest in and to save on fees
  • To achieve a better return (10.9% as opposed to ASX all ordinaries of 3.7%)
  • To increase their portfolio diversity yet over 50% invest in just one investment type outside of managed funds
  • To diversify in times where there is market volatility (55% hold a defensive allocation)

Have a growing appetite for managed funds 

Big 4 vs Industry Super

Many would have seen the latest Industry Super ad campaign that compares the big 4 banks to foxes raiding a henhouse. The attached article looks at why the Industry Super Australia (ISA) has departed from the traditional superior average investment returns and lower fees ad campaign. The article also gives some insight as to why the Financial Services Council believes it may now be time for the industry to change.