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PE Capital were delighted to participate in the inaugural Melbourne SMSF Expo last weekend at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. This event involved 70 exhibitors and a number of high profile speakers. It was the first event run in Australia by the SMSF Association which focused specifically on SMSF trustees and their needs.


It was a fantastic opportunity for PE Capital to talk directly with investors, to be able to launch a number of additional features to our Commercial Property Income Fund (CPIF) and Monthly Yield Fund (MYF)and to educate and build awareness around our brand.


It was also great to understand what SMSF trustees were concerned about, for example falling income streams, a lack of diversification in their portfolios and investment security. All of which are consistent with current SMSF literature.


Overall, it was a great event and we were pleased to be inundated with attendees seeking our type of investment solutions which offer competitive returns, regular income, access to commercial property alternative assets and a well-structure, diversified investment.  


Going forward, we look forward to working with the SMSF Association in developing this Trustee event further and would like to thank all those that made the Expo possible. For those that couldn’t make it, we would be happy to take you through how our investment funds may be able to assist you.


We look forward to hearing from you.


All the best


The PE Capital Team


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