Black Sky - AMP SMSF research

The attached article looks at how Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s) are becoming a bigger part of the superannuation industry in Australia.


Of note the article outlines key things about the Australian market including:


  • $2.2 trillion in superannuation as at December 2016
  • $656 billion (or 29.8%) of that is in SMSFs 
  • 1.1 million Australian’s across 587 thousand funds use a SMSF to manage their superannuation

Key insights from the report include those that set up a SMSF:

  • That they do so primarily for control, to choose what to invest in and to save on fees
  • To achieve a better return (10.9% as opposed to ASX all ordinaries of 3.7%)
  • To increase their portfolio diversity yet over 50% invest in just one investment type outside of managed funds
  • To diversify in times where there is market volatility (55% hold a defensive allocation)

Have a growing appetite for managed funds