PEC Y Fund listed on ASX mFund

PE Capital is excited to announce that our Y(Yield) fund was listed on the ASX( Australian Stock Exchange) mFund Platform (mFund Code PEY01) effective 11th Jan 2017; joining the likes of Westpac(BT), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and Macquarie (MQ).

The mFund through ASX is essentially a platform/settlement system for sophisticated and retail investors alike to executed orders into quality unlisted managed funds.

The PE Capital Y fund is a diversified cash and fixed income fund (80%) and secured commercial property fund (20%) which is designed to achieved a risk adjusted return of 5%+ p.a. for investors.

It has been independently rated by Property Investment Research(PIR) as AA- quality; one of the highest new funds ratings every given by PIR. The funds suit traditionally defensive “cash or term deposit” investors who are looking for liquidity and enhanced returns with low risk.

The team at PE Capital is extremely proud of this unique offering to the alternative assets market, its reception by ratings agencies, superannuation funds; and now the ASX mFund alike.

We are sure that investors and advisors will see the value that this fund can add to any portfolio

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