An introduction to PE Capital and alternative assets

Hi, this is PE Capital’s inaugural communication out to the wider community. 

My name is Simon Day and I’m the CEO of PE Capital, which is an Australian alternative asset management company that focuses primarily on property and enterprise investments.


What are alternative assets?

Typically, alternative asset investments have only been available to high net worth investors and more recently sovereign funds looking to fill a gap with a market experiencing low rates in the cash and fixed interest markets.


This is where PE Capital is different, we bundle alternative assets into funds that are accessible (ie low entry requirements) to ordinary investors, we offer competitive rates and we do everything within our control to minimise risk. Considering this and the size of the market, we,re excited about our offer and the years ahead.


PE Capital’s background

Since establishment PE Capital has focused its efforts on building a presence in the mixed use commercial property as well as developing our venture capital market offer.


Our real estate portfolio has commenced the development of 4 co-branded commercial property sites (3 of which are fuel and food sites) located in Melbourne’s growth corridors.  Three of these sites are due for completion in late 2017, with one in 2018. We also have over 25 sites in due diligence or under review and are constantly looking to increase our property pipeline. 


We are still developing our Enterprise/ Venture Capital business, however we envision that we will offer investors access to invest in a suite of Venture Capital initiatives via a bundled fund that offers competitive returns, spreads risk and has acceptable levels of liquidity.


PE Capital’s key focus includes:  


At present we have a number of fund options, two of which are:

  1. The property development fund (the P3 Fund) offering investors a 12% return (net of fees) and is focused on early stage commercial property development. The key features of the P3 Fund include a highly competitive return, access for standard investors to this type of fund and a high level of security.
  2. A diversified yield fund (the Y Fund)  is projecting investors a 5.5% return (net of fees) on a blended asset base of capital-secure fixed interest products balanced with a P Fund investment allocation. The key features of the Y Fund include a competitive return, liquidity and capital security.

What’s next?

Despite being early in our development and having lots to do, we feel that we have implemented a strong base on which to launch and have made it accessible, for the ordinary investors, to become involved in the alternative investment market.

If you have any questions or would like to become involved then feel free to have a look at our website at or give us a call.