Amstel Commercial Property Project Cranbourne

The Vision

The Amstel commercial project on Cranbourne-Frankston Road Cranbourne is PE Capital's first project to get underway. The project

covers 11,129 sqm and consists of a 7 Eleven fuel and convenience outlet, a major food outlet and a childcare facility. The site used to be part of the Amstel Golf Club which has been sold and will house residential development. PE Capital through this development will provide invaluable infrastructure for the community.

151204_CURIOUS_Amstel_LOW RES.jpg
* artists impressions only

Progress Update

After obtaining Development Approval for the development, construction commenced in late October 2017 with an expectation that the service station would be open for business in April 2018. With a site of this kind, the land needs to be levelled and then the infrastructure put in place. As seen below the PE Capital team were there to see ground broken for the first time and as you'll see through the time elapsed photos we are on track with expected timeframes for the everything to be up and running in April.

We have also received some good news in the past week in the form of receiving planning permit approvals for a McDonald's and a childcare facility on the site. 

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