About Us


  • Invest in proven wealth creating assets, such as direct property and growing businesses.
  • Acquire assets at less than intrinsic value.
  • Build a margin of safety between buying and the investment cost base.
  • Determine and focus on improving value and bring this value uplift into reality.
  • Realise asset at strong premiums to the original investment value. 

PE Capital is a boutique investment management company, focused on the Australian investment landscape to produce value for our investors.  The business is supported by an experienced and motivated team who engage leading edge systems and technology, undertake thorough research and are guided by proven and tested business processes. 

From a property perspective we plan to continue working on property developments as capital partners, with a view to building potential long term income commercial property opportunities for our proposed new funds. 

From an enterprise perspective, we plan to work with both businesses who can leverage from our property interests, or enterprises who are in the late venture capital phase.  These enterprises must demonstrate strong growth potential.

At PE Capital, we are an active alternative asset manager with a focus on maximising investor return.

Our Board

Our investors benefit through a host of competitive advantages:

Unique Investment Opportunities

We create investment opportunities that are generally only available to a select few and package them for all investors.

Risk Management

We prioritise the protection of investor capital. Our goal is producing satisfactory returns while minimising the risk of capital loss.

Proven Processes

We take a highly systematic approach in our business, towards our projects and this allows us to offer predictable outcomes for investors. 


Investors entrust us with their investment strategies and we believe they deserve the highest level of transparency and ongoing consistent communication.

Multiple Investment Pathways

We offer multiple investment pathways and at a range of investment levels within various alternate asset classes. 


We use leading edge technology throughout our business such as GapMaps™ which identifies gaps in the consumer services market and provides objective research for our development sites.


We make use of contemporary industry databases and smart research methodology.

Industry Networks

We have access to an extensive network of industry professionals, which enables us to evaluate transactions before they are offered or on an exclusive basis.

Experienced Team

Our team has considerable experience across a range of industries, sectors and disciplines with a broad skills base.

Successful Projects

While PE Capital is new, our teams have undertaken many successful projects and built credibility in our areas of expertise.